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7/15/2010 04:15:38

Hi George; Of course I knew much of your story but I thoroughly enjoyed reading Run Rabbit, Run. It filled in the blanks for me and is a great story!

Your good mate...


11/30/2010 04:33:43

Hi George
We got to meet the Lord Mayor of London but never got the medals we were promised!
Still got the photo, (somewhere) Still very fit, Still working, Still coaching (Athletics, the throws, Rugby, football referees,) too busy to slow down. Gone off beer but got a 'taste' for Spanish red!!.
If you get a chance drop me a line.


David Delaney
2/2/2011 11:13:10

George! Do you remember coaching me at Croydon Arena late 50's/early 60's? I never got far in the sport, but I've always enjoyed walking and running to keep fit. Now racing with Surrey Walking Club. I like to think of myself as a dignified walker, but slow, very slow would be more accurate. Like yourself, I have a narrowboat but no longer live aboard except for short periods. Perhaps we can meet up later this year. All the best!

Rich and Jill - Zephyr
9/16/2012 02:24:13

Hi George, we found and watched your video after talking to you yesterday and found it very moving. Good luck with all your ventures; looking forward to our next chat at the Marina gates.


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