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Run Rabbit Run Rabbit, Run, Run Run by George Williams is available via this page as a FREE download. However, before you click the download link, please may we request that you consider making a donation (you choose the amount), to George's chosen charity, the Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.
George will be forever grateful to the "Renal Unit" at the Dorset County Hospital, for looking after his loving wife Jean during the last 5 years of her life. You can be sure that any donation you make will be gratefuly appreciated and will go to help a very worthy cause. 
How to Donate:
Donations should be made directly to the Dorset County Hospital NHS Trust Charitable Fund via the "Make a Donation" button on their website.
Important! When you make your donation please leave the following message in the "message box" in Step 1 of the process...
"My donation is to the "Renal Unit", reference the book by George Williams"


** Leave a message for George on this website by "Clicking Here". He'd love to hear from you!

Let's Go Viral!
Please help us to get Run Rabbit Run... in front of as many people as we can. You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy this book. This is a real human interest story about one man's fight against adversity, to reach the pinnacle of his sport and become a World Champion!

Please tell everyone you know about Run Rabbit Run. Talk to them directly; send out emails; tell your "Friends" on Facebook and your "Followers" on Twitter etc. Also please ask everyone you know to pass the website address on to everyone they know too... Thank you!

Please Note: At this time George's book is only available as a downloadable eBook (in PDF format), for you to read on your computer screen. You may also print a copy if you wish to. You will need "Adobe Reader" the free software that comes pre-loaded on most modern computers, in order for the ebook file to open, when you click the above link.

Unfortunately we cannot provide support if you experience problems accessing the file. We recommend instead that you ask someone with the necessary knowledge (local to you; e.g a computer technician) if you need help.